“Hello To The Stars”: Music connects – universally!

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Imagine you find out that your fellow high school graduate is about to travel to the ISS to spend half a year in space…. If that’s not inspiration!

And that’s exactly what happened to me two days before the launch of Matthias Maurers mission “Cosmic Kiss”. I finished large parts of “Hello To The Stars” on that same day. And even though I preferred to stay in the background during all earlier studio projects, I had to sing on this occasion – if only for the sake of authenticity.

“Hello To The Stars” articulates my best wishes for Matthias’ mission and spans the arch from stars to stardom and on to my musical heroes – after all, the “Mothership” plays a central role in funk mythology, so the song (not really P-funk, I know, but not free of funk either) had to become a tribute to them. Reese, Ronald, Rod, Joe, Al, George, Bill,… – your stars will shine forever.

An early version went out to ESA just before Christmas, an almost final version to NASA in February. I doubt that a single note made it to the ISS, so this release is the last chance – kind of. “Hello to the Stars” will be available on all leading music platforms from the first of April 2022. And who knows, maybe it’s not too late to reach Matthias while he’s still on the ISS. And maybe there’s a chance he’ll bring back even more musical inspiration from his trip…

And one last word about the state of the universe: “Hello To The Stars” started long before the war in Europe. Some may consider it too much lightness for times like these, but I believe that, taking the fact that international space missions don’t get easier these days, this release has all the more justification. – LET MUSIC UNIVERSALLY CONNECT!

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